The Collective

Matchbox Media Collective is a creative multimedia network that produces inspiring and informative media for empowered audiences, bridging the gap between maker and viewer. We pioneer cutting-edge production and distribution techniques by offering artists freedom to collaborate and audiences the opportunity for involvement.

The collective is organized horizontally and across boundaries. Our productions strive to highlight areas of knowledge and showcase cultures and present points of view that are often overlooked in mainstream media; giving a voice to untold stories and empowering the storytellers.

We believe that media in all its forms can act as a powerful agent of change, and our collective is at the forefront of developing this potential. To be fully understood and appreciated, culture must be freely shared between and revealed to large audiences. Our projects aim to raise awareness and connect with the viewer with the hope of instigating social change.

We think it essential for both artists to be allowed maximum potential for freedom of expression and for the public to be given an increased role in the production and distribution of original works. 

We support and facilitate hybrid cross-platform strategies for creative and innovative distribution. We operate within a flexible, evolving and ever-expanding cross-border network, constantly adapting to new methods of producing and disseminating information. We utilize Copyleft licenses to distribute our work, avoiding the restriction of traditional copyright legislation. By using Creative Commons licenses, we are able to both reserve the creative rights of artists whilst making it easier for people to build upon the work of others, thus allowing projects to be culturally enhanced by a variety of inputs.

We aim to motivate people to support the initiatives of members by providing a wider scope for participation. As we believe in the power of the public, we make use of Crowdsourcing involvement and Web 2.0 technology to aggregate support, talent and expertise. Crowdsourcing allows us to reach out to informed, global audiences that perform vital roles in accomplishing projects.