We are a multimedia network                             
                        of independent storytellers

A collaboration of filmmakers, journalists, photographers, composers and designers.
Matchbox is an experimental platform blending traditional narrative models with innovative production and distribution methods. We give voice to untold stories by building an inclusive relationship with audiences and subjects around the world.
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What We Do

Matchbox Media Collective is a creative multimedia network producing groundbreaking work for empowered audiences. We pioneer cutting-edge production and distribution techniques by offering artists more freedom to collaborate, and audiences more opportunity for involvement. We are a fluid enterprise; always evolving and producing work that strives to make an impact.

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Why We Do It

Our objective is to produce inspiring and informative media by bridging the gap between maker and viewer.
We celebrate cultural fusion; giving voice to untold stories and providing power to the storytellers.


How We Do It

We utilize Copyleft licenses to distribute our work, avoiding the restriction of traditional copyright legislation, and as we believe in the power of the public, we make use of Crowdsourcing involvement and Web 2.0 technology to aggregate support, talent and expertise.
We believe in a creative and innovative distribution systems and support hybrid cross-platform strategies.

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    Ms Kalashnikov

    In contemporary African wars women continue to play a variety of crucial roles, and yet they remain invisible to the world. Only a handful of researchers and journalists have appreciated the importance of women in these conflicts, and the way in which gender stereotypes continue to mask their involvement.

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    This is the incredible story of Kibomango, the Congolese national boxing champion. He is a former child soldier who marched 2,000 miles to Kinshasa with the forces of Laurent-Desiré Kabila to unseat dictator Mobutu Sese Seko in 1997.


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    Zé left his Cape Verdean fishing village for a better life in Sweden. Years later he returns to find his village transformed, the beach where he once played football had disappeared. His family now digs sand from the ocean floor to sell as cheap concrete, because fishing no longer puts enough food on the table.

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    Porters of the Inca Trail

    Leoncio Monteagudo is a porter on the Inca Trail to the ruin citadel of Machu Picchu in southern Peru. Working conditions are deplorable, but the porters have organized in a struggle for basic rights. Porters of the Inca Trail shows the famous adventure trek from an indigenous perspective.